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Lucky 4 Lotto Update 27/6/24

Following the Lucky 4 Lotto game coming to a close last week, the Club can now name the sole winner of the £13,750 jackpot.

The winner of the jackpot can be named as Mark Shotton.

Shotton said "I am absolutely thrilled to win the jackpot.

"I don't check my numbers so when I got the phone call from the club it was a total shock - a very nice one though!"

Mark has been a season ticket holder and shareholder at the Club for several years.

The Lucky 4 Lotto was set up for supporters like Mark, giving them an opportunity to win huge prizes while contributing to the Club they support.

The Club hope to present Mark personally in the coming weeks as a congratulations.

With ongoing fan feedback regarding the Lucky 4 Lotto, we can confirm the following changes for the new draw:

  • The video of the live draw will be published immediately along with the draw results (no winners will be named at this stage)

  • Our Volunteers will then go through offline payslips and online data to verify whether there has been a winner

  • Any winners will be contacted during this period to confirm

  • The video will be reposted on social media platforms confirming any winners and the Lucky Dip winner(s)

  • This will go out alongside an email sent out to the entire online database - which will also confirm the next week's jackpot

Should anyone have any queries regarding the Lucky 4 Lotto, they should be made directly to the Club or Steve Cairns - who directs the draw each week with a team of volunteers.

We are thankful for the amount of projects we have been able to fund through the Lucky 4 Lotto and we would like to personally thank anyone who has entered the game.

Details on the game and its configuration along with how to register can be found here.

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