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Lucky 4 Lotto Re-launches for New Season

South Shields Football Club are delighted to announce a new Lucky 4 Lotto game commencing Thursday, with a starting Jackpot of £3,000! 


Following the previous game’s Jackpot of £13,750 being won last week by one lucky supporter, we can confirm the opening prize of this new game – launching Thursday on 27/06/24 – will be a huge £3,000. 


All current and recurring entries in the online and offline game will be automatically entered into the draw, which will be drawn as normal at lunchtime this Thursday. 


To celebrate the new game, we will also be running a double Lucky Dip! This will see two separate, random prizes of £25 being paid out weekly during the full month of July!


Since its online inception in July 2023 where the jackpot stood at £2,100, the Lucky 4 Lotto has grown considerably. Weekly entrants have increased from an average number of 242, to a peak of 834 in the weeks leading to the conclusion of this game. 


Your incredible support of this volunteer-led initiative, particularly over the last 12 months, has seen just over £30,000 of revenues generated during the last game alone. It has allowed Jackpots and Reserve Jackpots to grow quicker and larger than ever, and has contributed significantly to vital projects at South Shields FC. 


The Club would like to re-affirm the split of the revenues below: 


45% of revenues go directly into the main Jackpot.

15% of revenues go towards the lotto running costs, with the remainder into a Reserve Jackpot.

40% of revenues go to the Club to invest in projects, initiatives, and improvements.


Some key projects that the Lucky 4 Lotto has contributed to in the last 12 months can also be seen below:


  • 1st Team Women and Coaching Kits 

  • 1st Team Women coaching badges

  • International Academy training equipment 

  • Medical costs for the 1st Team 

  • Improvements to the Shipley Lounge

  • Improvements to the 1st Cloud Arena speaker system 

  • 1st Team kit printing costs 

  • Improvements to officials changing rooms to comply with League requirements

  • Running costs of the large outdoor Scoreboard 


We would like to sincerely thank everybody who has entered, volunteered, and contributed towards the Lucky 4 Lotto. The support of this project has shown a real, tangible impact at South Shields FC, and continues to do so even more as it grows in numbers. Your ongoing support makes a huge difference. 


Thank you again for playing, and good luck in the new game! 


For details of how to join, please see here

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