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Kyle Crossley Joins the Mariners

Updated: Jul 2

South Shields FC are delighted to announce the signing of Kyle Crossley on a two-year deal.

The 19-year-old attacker joins as a free agent after departing Newcastle United in the summer.

Crossley said "It's local to me and it was a very easy decision".

Newcastle signed Crossley in 2020 from Morcambe and he has represented the Magpies in the UEFA Youth League.

Crossley worked under Mariners Head Coach Elliott Dickman before at Newcastle and was keen to be under his mentorship again.

"Working with Elliott before made it a lot easier of a decision and I know a couple of the lads here.

"I've been on the phone to Elliott quite a lot this week about the plans, what he wants to do, and I've come here to enjoy it."

The Sunderland-born attacker scored seven goals in 14 appearances in the Premier League 2 last season.

"I want to double my goals and try to get 20."

Manager Elliott Dickman was keen to reunite with Crossley at the 1st Cloud Arena.

"We are delighted to have acquired the services of Kyle Crossley with us for at least the next two seasons.

Kyle is a player I know well and who I have worked with in the past.

"His character and work ethic fits in with who we are as a club and a team.

"He is very positive when in possession and possesses a brilliant level of fitness.

"Kyle has good quality when in possession and is an excellent addition to our squad."

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