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“We’re looking for revenge” - International Academy travel to Macclesfield in an NFYL showdown

South Shields will look for “revenge” in their next National Football Youth League match against Macclesfield Friday 15 March at UCLAN Sports Arena.

Shields sit third in the table entering the match while their opponents are one point behind them in fifth. 

Macclesfield beat Shields 2-1 in their last meeting and being one of the defensive leaders on the team, David Mighten said: “I can speak for everyone, we’re looking for revenge.

“We didn’t play to our capabilities and we weren’t ourselves [last time out].

“Everybody is looking to put it right, so hopefully it is a convincing win.” 

Mighten has been in goal this season for Shields and has boasted the best defence in the league, conceding 11 goals in 12 matches in all competitions and holding a one-goal against average in the league.

He added: “We just need to play our normal game and it will be alright. 

“If we keep the ball and don’t let them have it it will make it a lot easier for us in the back.

“A lot of consistency, we’ve been able to play with the same players.

“When we rotate we’ve got good players coming in and that is helpful since consistency is key.”

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