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SSFC Supporting Arthur's Story

Five-year-old football fan Arthur Hoult was diagnosed with a mutation of leukaemia, making him the only person in the world to have ever had the condition.

In support, the club is hosting a range of charity events in April to raise donations for his trial treatment.

Arthur from Wallsend, North Tyneside was diagnosed with a rare acute lymphoblastic

leukaemia last year and the club is raising donations for research in the treatment with the drive led by South Shields FC Operations Director – Carl Mowatt.

Through Children’s Cancer North, the club is arranging a bucket collection fundraiser at a

home match in 1st Cloud Arena against Bishop’s Stortford on April 6th.

Following this, the club is hosting a sportsman's dinner with former football stars - Kevin Ball and John Beresford.

The dinner will comprise an auction to raise donations for the charity.

Additionally, the club - with assistance from Newcastle United FC and Sunderland AFC - is organising a marathon on April 21st from the 1st Cloud Arena to the Stadium of Light

and finish at St James' Park.

Following the three events, the club has scheduled an ex-pro and celebrity football

match on June 2nd to further raise awareness and donations for the cause.

Ricky Hoult, the father of Arthur Hoult, has previously participated in the Great North Run to raise awareness of Arthur’s condition and will be participating in the South Shields

marathon on the 21st.

He said: “Arthur is a major football fan and we’re honoured to have the support of South Shields FC and Children’s Cancer North to raise awareness of his illness and collect donations for further research on the cancer mutation.

“Depending on his health, we are hoping to bring Arthur to watch the game on April 6th

and the marathon finish line to cheer on the participants.”

Carl Mowatt, Operations Director at South Shields FC, leading the charity drive said:

“South Shields FC is committed to giving back to our community and Arthur’s story is

very close to our hearts, particularly following the club owner, Geoff Thompson’s cancer


"We are keen to raise awareness of Arthur’s illness, collect donations for

Children’s Cancer North’s research with a personal target of raising £5,000 from the

three events and support individuals and families affected by childhood cancer.”

Book tickets for the marathon on 21st April here and find a link to the donation page

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