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Two winners of Bingo Lottery prize

There were two lucky winners of the club’s Bingo Lottery at the weekend – with Martin Cameron and Bob Glass scooping £274 each.

The game had been running for four weeks when Martin and Bob's numbers were all matched.

We would like to congratulate them both and thank everyone involved in the Bingo Lottery for their support, with 50% of the proceeds benefitting the club and the other half making up the jackpot.

Now is the ideal chance to sign up for the next game, which will start with this coming Saturday’s National Lotto draw.

Participants select six numbers between one and 59, and can also enter with more than one set of numbers for £1 per week per line.

Each Saturday, any numbers which come out on the National Lotto draw are ticked off until the first participant(s) match all six of their selections, therefore winning the prize.

Entry tickets can be downloaded at the Bingo Lottery section of the club website, and can also be obtained by calling Bob Scott on 07920 554377.

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