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SSFC Women storm to first win of 2024

South Shields Women stormed to a first win of 2024 against the backdrop of Storm Isha, winning 1-0 against Alnwick Town Ladies on Sunday.

Jaz Elliott-Wood’s screamer of a free-kick from half-way out in the 59th minute separated the two promotion-chasing sides.

The Mariners were able to name a strengthened squad, thanks to the extended winter break giving players ample time to return from injury, which included bagsman Eve Gatens for the first time since Spennymoor back in October.  

It was business as usual for the lasses as far as head coach Matt Gatiss was concerned, though Storm Isha certainly made itself known all through the day with gusts of wind and rain plaguing the match.

A fantastic defensive block on the line by Zoe Norton prevented the hosts from taking an early lead, and the first half was built upon those principles of being defensively solid.

Both teams tried to settle into the game while trying to navigate the wind and rain, which certainly changed the outlook of the match compared to how some might have expected it to have gone. 

Mia Hately carved a through ball which met Chloe Young on the left-hand wing, before she tucked inside, bidding to create something. Norton was able to apprehend her and guide the ball back to Scarlett Gowans in the Shields net. 

This theme continued during the first half, though Young’s last touch the second time was a little too heavy and the ball rolled out of danger. 

Alnwick searched for an opener, and their next chance came when Catherine Johnston probed a looping ball through to Young, but Norton was able to get a header and prevent any harm.

It would be fair to suggest the first half was mildly quiet thanks to the stormy conditions afoot and it took a moment of genius from Elliott-Wood to settle the score.

Her audacious strike from 45-yards out swooped above keeper Katy Louise Stark to the amazement of all Shields supporters in attendance and it felt from that moment on, free-kicks were the way to go.

Elliott-Wood tried again and again to find a second and she came close just before the final whistle. Gatens was on corner duty and aimed for the same result - a second goal to see out this match. 

One goal was enough, and the wind played its part but it was Shields who returned home happy after winning against The ‘Wick for the first time in many years.

Alnwick Town Ladies (starting XI) : Louise Stark, Morrison, Hately, Armstrong, Latto, Henderson, Johnston, Young, Sprot, Glenwright, Sprot. 

Substitutes: Grisdale, Belisle, Coombs. 

South Shields Women (starting XI): Gowans, May, Archbold, Legg, Gatens, Wootten, McMahon, Norton, Elliott-Wood, Taylor, White. 

Substitutes: Ali, Innes, Greener, Emery, Longstaff. 

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wade ratke
wade ratke
6 days ago

Because of the impending storm, the first half was very calm, and Elliott-Wood had to pull off a brilliant goal to put the game away. gorilla tag

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