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How YOU can help us clear up our environment!

The club is seeking volunteers to participate in a new clean-up project which will be held on the day of each Saturday home match at 1st Cloud Arena.

The campaign is being launched by SSFC chairman Geoff Thompson, who is determined to ensure the club does its bit to make the industrial estate which surrounds the ground is as hospitable as possible.

It will be carried out in conjunction with waste management company Biffa, who will send their Wasteater Truck to collect the bags of rubbish on the day.

We are initially looking for between 15 and 20 volunteers to take part in the first litter pick, which is scheduled to take place before our game against Atherton Collieries on Saturday, September 24th.

Those who do their bit will receive a free ticket for the match later that day, and that will be the case each time an individual volunteers for the initiative.

Subject to availability, Geoff will take part himself each time.

Initially, it is anticipated the clean-up will be restricted to the industrial estate only but if it proves to be a big success, there is the scope for the project to be extended to the surrounding residential areas.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Big Mariners Clean-Up, please send an email to

The litter pick will take place between 11.30am and 1pm, all equipment will be provided by the club and the first people to come forward will be selected. Volunteers will be asked to arrive at 11.15am to collect the equipment they will be using.

Let’s do our bit to help our environment!

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