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Geoff Thompson's message to season ticket holders

Season ticket holders were today contacted via email by SSFC chairman Geoff Thompson.

The content of the email is below.

I am today appealing for your support to help us get over the line in our vital push for promotion this season.

It’s an exciting stage of the season as we strive to finally achieve promotion and enter the National League system. Success would bring many exciting fixtures for next season and beyond. However, I need your help now, more than ever, for us to achieve this.

We have an aggressive players budget this season, but this comes with some challenges.

Our financial year ends at the end of June, and I know this second half of our financial year is going to be difficult.

Our outlook for next year is incredibly positive as we have a number of new initiatives that will materially improve our finances. One of these is of course promotion, but in addition we have an exciting new project that’s been agreed with Sunderland University. This will see the club launch its International Academy to attract talented international students to study at the university and develop their football skills with SSFC. This is truly a game changer!

To assist the club in the run-up to the launch of the International Academy, I am hoping you can help. This is vitally important, and I sincerely hope you can support the club with this request.

Season ticket sales, sponsorship, and hospitality will be the club’s primary form of revenue from next season, along with the success of our International Academy, and the volume of this support will therefore drive and determine our playing budgets in the future. You have the very real opportunity to help shape our future, and have a direct impact on next season’s budget too.

I am offering you the opportunity to secure your season ticket on a 3-year basis, but with prices frozen at current rates.

Season ticket holders can secure their season ticket for 3 years at our 2022-23 rates. Please see the image for details. This offer will remain open until March 31st.

Prices will increase should we enter National League North and beyond, so there is a significant benefit to you too in securing your season ticket at the current price. It should also be noted that should promotion be secured, there will be two additional home league games next season, which would add further to your potential saving by signing up now. Average adult standing match tickets in National League North are £15, so the benefits of signing up to this deal are clear. Not only would you benefit, but you would also assist the club greatly at this crucial time.

I sincerely hope you can help. If you are able to, please click this link to secure your three-season ticket. If you are a balcony season ticket holder who would like to renew on this basis, please contact the club directly by visiting us on weekdays between 10am and 4pm, or calling 0191 454 7800.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Let's attack the rest of the season together!

Best regards,

Geoff Thompson.

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