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Club Statement

The club can confirm that a banning order has been issued to an individual following an incident after the game with Radcliffe on March 25th.

An investigation was held after numerous reports were made to the club in the days following the game, with several eye-witness accounts corroborating evidence submitted by the 1st Cloud Arena security team.

Action has now been taken which underlines the club’s zero tolerance approach to incidents of violence and the use of discriminatory language.

The club is proud of the positive reputation built up by its fanbase and is determined to ensure it remains that way.

1st Cloud Arena is and must always be an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment at which all supporters can enjoy their matchday experience.

We will not hesitate to take further action against individuals should the unsavoury incidents which have occurred at recent home and away matches continue.

Please help us to ensure that the remainder of the season is a success, on and off the pitch.

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