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Bingo Lottery To Reach 100th Game!

We are celebrating the upcoming 100th game of Bob Scott’s Bingo Lottery!

Bob has been with the club for 32 years, where among many other key contributions, formed a supporter’s branch of which he was a treasurer of and famously started selling his own merchandise from a hut within the ground. Bob continues to be a key part of the club’s committee to this day.

10 years ago, Bob launched the Bingo Lottery game as a means to raise additional funds for the club and has since raised over £100,000 in that time.

The game is drawn on a Saturday night alongside the National Lottery and is typically won within 4-8 weeks of play, with prizes ranging between £500 to £1,000 for an outright winner.

To celebrate the centenary game, the club will be paying out 100% of the prize, effectively doubling the prize pool.

More details are to follow upon the climax of the 99th game, which is currently underway.

We would like to thank Bob for all he has done for the club and everything he continues to do, as well as all the supporters who have got involved in the game over the past decade.

Please click here for more information on how to enter the game in future.

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