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Sponsor Spotlight: 38 Fitness

Updated: Jun 24

SSFC Operations Director Carl Mowatt (left) and Dean Crouch of 38 Fitness (right)

South Shields Football Club are happy to have the continued support of 38 Fitness Jarrow as a sponsor for the 2024-25 season.

38 Fitness Jarrow has been in the heart of the community for over 2 years, offering a supportive, non-intimidating and zero-contract offering to members aged from 14 right up to 87 years of age.

With a private sauna, over 40 weekly classes, massage therapy, long opening hours and great PTs, we have all of the tools to help you hit those personal goals.

In addition to supporting the first team, ladies' team and academy set-up; they proudly offer SSFC season ticket holders an exclusive £19.99 monthly rate on their premium membership (usually £26.99 per month).

This is their lowest-priced membership, supporters can show their season ticket to the reception team to grab the exclusive discount.

Dean Crouch, Director of 38 Fitness said:

"We are delighted and proud to continue our support of the club which we have enjoyed for several seasons now.

"The partnership has gone from strength to strength, from providing fitness and rehabilitation support to the first team in the early days, we now assist with the first team, ladies team and academy.

"The players absolutely love the gym and our team, even outside of their team coaching sessions we see the players regular for a sports massage, sauna or workout.

"We can’t wait to welcome them back in pre-season and look forward to welcoming any new supporters who are thinking of starting a new fitness regime."

Club Operations Director, Carl Mowatt was happy to see the fitness group retain their sponsorship.

"I am personally so delighted and pleased that Dean, with 38 Fitness, has retained the great partnership with us at SSFC.

"Again, it gels the fantastic community spirit we adopt at the Club and It's great that another local business commits with South Shields FC."

For more information, visit

Do you want to sponsor the Club? Contact us via the details below.

Carl Mowatt - Operations Director (+447551153934)

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