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Gary Crutwell


Gary Crutwell has been at the heart of South Shields Football Club since playing a key role in saving the club in 2006 when he became chairman. The club’s future had been in grave doubt until Gary inspired an upturn in its fortunes, including a promotion and cup triumph.

Off-field difficulties outside of his control relating to the lease on the club’s ground coming to an end meant Gary was forced to find an alternative home for the Mariners in 2013, which led to a temporary yet unavoidable move to Peterlee.

That decision again saved the club and ultimately helped herald a new era when Geoff Thompson became involved in the summer of 2015, with Gary moving to a new role of vice-chairman. His passion for the club remains as strong as ever and he also works as groundsman at Mariners Park, while he continues to be instrumental behind the scenes on a matchday. Gary embodies the spirit and endeavour of South Shields Football Club

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