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SSFC Foundation fundraiser boosts development plan

SSFC Foundation’s annual February fundraiser has been hailed a success after almost 300 players helped to raise over £2,600.

The 17-hour football match saw Foundation staff, volunteers, grassroots players and parents take part, with a range of activities and entertainment also taking place on the day.

Funds raised from the event are going towards a large-scale redevelopment of the facilities at Harton & Westoe Miners Welfare which will widen the range and number of people the Foundation is able to work with.

SSFC Foundation programme delivery lead Nathan Kew said: “It was a very positive day and a lot more people joined in this year, particularly in the adult-led part of the game in the final few hours.

“There were a lot of tired legs, especially among the Foundation staff, but it was all well worth it.

“It was more of an event than just a game, and fundraising days like that are vitally important for the Foundation.

“They remind us of how far we have come over the last five years, with so many people willing to support us and the things we do.

“It’s fantastic when everyone comes together like that and we’d like to thank everyone who got behind the event.”

Almost 300 people took part in the match over the 17 hours, including South Shields FC first-team assistant manager Wess Brown.

As well as the football, a number of fundraising activities took place on the day, including raffles, food and drink sales and donations from parents and players.

Foundation staff worked from 6.30am until midnight to help make the event a success, while also playing a key role on the pitch throughout the day.

SSFC Foundation manager Steve Camm said: "We are extremely grateful for the large number of contributions made by individuals and the funds raised by the efforts of our participating junior grassroots teams.

"We understand that that these are financially challenging times and we will ensure every pound we received delivers an impact on health and well-being in our community."

The first part of the Harton Welfare development plan was to construct an additional room to offer opportunities for learning, social interaction and healthy activities.

The Foundation secured Sport England funding, but increased construction costs as a result of the pandemic left a shortfall, which the fundraiser will now help to fill.

A new internal space will be fitted out to make the facility suitable for the activity programmes delivered by the Foundation, and an external space will be installed to accommodate outdoor classes, expanding the programme even further.

Completing the larger project will enable the Foundation to play its part in tackling challenges for people living in South Tyneside, which include obesity in children at the age of 11, overall health - especially in women – and the lifestyle choices of adults.

It also aims to tackle employability and the high number of people considered to be furthest away from employment, social isolation, crime and the fear of crime, and the impact of an ageing population.

Donations can still be made to the Foundation’s February fundraiser by clicking here.

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