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Sign up for first online Lucky 4 Lotto draw!

The SSFC Lucky 4 Lotto draw is migrating to an online system - and the first game is live now!

The first draw of the reformed game will take place at 12pm on Thursday, July 6th, and you can sign up by clicking here.

It is now open to supporters across the world after the club partnered with Clubforce, which works with over 700 sports clubs across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland on their lotto draws.

The easy-to-use platform removes the need for cash and in-person lotto ticket purchases, making it simpler than ever before to enter. However, the option to continue to play the game in the traditional way will remain open to supporters.

There has been a slight amendment to the rules of the game. Entrants now select four numbers between 1 and 30, and there will be 30 numbers in play in each draw.

All four numbers must be matched to win the jackpot, which will roll over each week until it is won. One random entrant will also win £25 each week.

For each ticket purchased, 45% of the revenue is transferred into the jackpot, 40% will go to club-related projects and 15% will go to our lotto web provider, Club Force, or into a reserve pot if tickets are purchased offline.

The 40% directed to the club will be used solely to support projects championed by the draw. Details of those initiatives will be announced in due course.

In addition, the more people who sign up to the weekly draw, the higher the jackpot will climb. The previous two jackpot winners have earned £4,300 and £5,100 respectively.

The club envisages higher jackpots as a result of the migration to an online system, and we will also introduce weekly prizes to give players more opportunities to win than ever before.

The SSFC Lucky 4 Lotto draw will take place each Thursday, and those who join the online system will receive weekly emails with the results, and the chance to sign up for the next draw. There will also be the option to commit to multiple weeks.

Those who purchase online are advised that there is a minimum £5 payment per transaction, but this can cover multiple entries into one draw, or one entry into multiple weeks’ worth of draws. It costs £1 per line to enter.

Weekly results will also be posted on the club’s website and social media channels, and the game will be promoted regularly online and in posters at 1st Cloud Arena.

The club appeals for as many people as possible to sign up for the game, in doing so giving themselves a chance to win big prizes, while simultaneously supporting projects which will benefit the wider club and its supporters.

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