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Reminder of new cash and smoking protocols at 1st Cloud Arena

Monday’s derby meeting with Morpeth Town at 1st Cloud Arena marks the first match at which the club’s new approach to cash and card payments is implemented.

The turnstiles will open at 12.30pm and many outlets will accept card payments only.

Cash will continue to be taken at turnstile 2 and all outdoor food and drink kiosks which are not located within the new stand. 50/50 tickets and programmes will also still be purchasable by cash.

Elsewhere, though, including all indoor bar facilities, only card payments – including contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay – will be accepted, providing supporters with a simple and efficient purchase process when buying food, drinks and merchandise inside the ground, as well as tickets at turnstiles 1 and 3 to 6.

The club believes this will ease queuing across the venue and significantly ease the burden on internal resources created by the need to prepare for cash operations in the lead-up to games.

Refunds for plastic cups will be made in cash at two designated kiosks, located in the two corners on the clubhouse side of the ground.

Supporters are also reminded that they are no longer be able to pay for upgrades to sit in either stand at 1st Cloud Arena after the turnstiles have opened. Tickets for the stands must be purchased in advance of the game either online or through the club office.

Meanwhile, the club’s no-smoking policy continues to be implemented, aside from in the new designated smoking area, which is now located behind the fanzone area, next to the 3G pitch. Further information is available by clicking here.

The club thanks all supporters for their continued backing and understanding.

We hope these changes will improve your matchday experience at 1st Cloud Arena.

Supporters are also advised that there will be pre and post-match entertainment in the new bar on Monday, with singer-guitarist Charlie Whyte to perform at 12.45pm and singer Annabel Pattinson to appear from 5.30pm.

There will be Happy Hour pricing in all bars from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and the earlier than usual time of 5pm to 6pm, with Sky Sports available across the site.

Every penny you spend in the ground is reinvested, and is therefore vital in driving our club forward. Without your support, our future ambitions simply would not be possible and we can take strength from the fact we all truly have a part to play in our potential success going forward. We grow together is not simply a catchphrase – it’s a necessity.

Let’s take this club forward together.

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