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Prize Freeze on Early Bird Season Tickets

Early Bird Season Tickets for the upcoming 2024-25 season have seen a price freeze.

Club Chairman Geoff Thompson has issued a message to supporters in regards to Season Tickets for the Mariners' next campaign.

"I’m delighted to confirm our season ticket sales for next season are going really well with over 600 of you having kindly renewed already.

"It’s great to see our fans continuing to back the Club as we enter the final stages of this season. We still have a very realistic opportunity of reaching the play offs and potentially gaining promotion!

"Given this momentum I’m pleased to announce a price freeze on our season ticket sales until the end of April. I hope that fans who have not renewed, or who might be considering a season ticket for the first time, will take this opportunity whilst prices are held."

The price freeze pricing is as follows:

* Price available for Disabled and Student supporters

Seating in the Durata, Balcony and outer blocks of the Rocket Stand (Black, Orange, Red & Blue). * Centre Seating blocks of the Rocket Stand (Green & Yellow).

***Seats in Black section are reserved for away supporters

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

"I stress that season ticket sales are a huge factor in the Clubs decision making when setting the players budget for next season. Your support really does make a huge difference.

"On a separate note, we continue to have ongoing discussions with a number of interested parties regarding the sale of the Club. Once agreement is reached, this will represent such an exciting new phase in the Clubs ongoing progress.

"I will provide a detailed update on all of this at the earliest opportunity.

"Thank you again for all your support."

Season Tickets can be purchased here.

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Michael Jones
Michael Jones
Jul 02

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