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A Message from Geoff

Club Chairman Geoff Thompson is urging supporters to secure their Season Ticket for the next campaign.

"Following Tuesday's great victory the push for a play off place is firmly established and the prospect of promotion a tantalising possibility.


"Fans can take advantage of the early bird season ticket offer and secure a big discount whilst helping the Club in its push for promotion."

The Club has already sold over 100 Eary Bird season tickets, and saw nearly 5,000 supporters come through the gates following a great week for the Club.

Some of the benefits of securing a Season Ticket can be found below.

Be sure to sign up for Early Bird tickets whilst they last, you don't want to miss ou

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Colin Crane
Colin Crane

The club had a fantastic week, selling over 100 Early Bird season tickets and drawing approximately 5,000 supporters. cluster rush


Bumne Habit
Bumne Habit

As a football lover, this is a tunnel rush match that I certainly will not miss.

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